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The Art Institute of Atlanta Announces Tuition Freeze
April 05, 2013

The Art Institute of Atlanta will not raise tuition through Dec. 31, 2015. The tuition freeze applies to existing students and any new student who enrolls prior to or for the Sept. 30, 2013, class start.

“The ability to afford a higher education in America is a national priority and we are keenly aware that the pursuit of a college degree can be financially challenging,” said Jo Ann Koch, president of The Art Institute of Atlanta. “Our pledge to hold the line on college tuition for current or new students who enroll prior to or for the Sept.30, 2013, class start is a decidedly bold move in a climate where higher education costs continue to increase.”

The Art Institute of Atlanta has not increased tuition for students attending campus-based programs since October 2010. The schools remain committed to finding additional avenues for reducing costs, so that those who wish to pursue a higher education can do so. “Our priorities center on students’ success and achievement,” Koch said. “By doing what we can to arm our students with the financial information they need in order to plan their educational futures, we hope to create the proper environment for students to excel in their chosen fields of study and prepare them for successful future careers.” 

Prospective students interested in learning more may visit or contact an admissions representative for complete details and terms of the tuition program.

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