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LIM College to Launch Master of Professional Studies Degree Program
August 23, 2012

LIM College will launch a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree program in fashion merchandising and retail management in January. The 30-credit program will be designed to provide students who hold bachelor’s degrees in fields other than fashion with comprehensive knowledge that will allow them to pursue careers in the areas of merchandising and retail management.

Full-time students will complete the program, which includes an internship, in three semesters throughout one calendar year. The program will offer both theoretical and practical knowledge of fashion merchandising and retail management, with an emphasis on global trends, merchandising, retailing, product development, consumption and business development.

Graduates will be prepared to apply their studies within retail fashion management relating to merchandising, sales and consumer behavior, retailing (both store operations and leadership) and product management. There also will be an emphasis on further developing the management skills needed for success in this field, including leadership, team-building, and oral and written communications.

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