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Aurielle Jones: PAVE The Way Design Challenge Winner
June 06, 2012

When my teacher Rebekah Adkins first introduced our class to the PAVE The Way 3-D Design Challenge 2011-12, I was instantly excited about it. As soon as she said the words “create a makeover station for a brand of makeup,” the ideas started flowing. Being very fluent in cosmetics, I created a long list of makeup brands that normally caught my eye. Out of all the brands, Illamasqua stood out the most.

I brainstormed, researched and sketched out every idea that came to mind. This really helped me in the final design. I was inspired by the concept and story of the Illamasqua brand. I embraced their slogan “makeup for your alter ego” and thought about what that meant to me.

My teacher really pushed me to design something that was out of my comfort zone, and made me think about what I wanted to say to the world with this design. What I wanted to evoke was a design that was dramatic, dark and a little bit odd. What resulted was a design that was the opposite of safe—edgy, bold and dynamic.

Seeing my vision come to life at Globalshop in Las Vegas was amazing. Every detail and material that I specified was there and was highly crafted. At that point, I was so honored to even see my work right in front of me, that winning would just be the cherry on top.

Turns out winning was more than that, it was starting point of my career. It was the push I needed to give me the confidence that my work is great and that I can do great things with my designs. I applaud and thank the efforts of everyone involved in the process of executing my design for this competition. I encourage anyone that has a passion for design to enter into this contest and when you do, push yourself to create something that you never thought you could and the results will be amazing.

—Aurielle Jones is an interior design major at Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta.

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