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RadioShack to Roll Out Refreshed Stores
July 03, 2013

Fort Worth, Texas-based RadioShack Corp. debuted the first of its new generation of stores in New York’s Upper West Side neighborhood. The new stores, which the company plans to roll out in the United States and internationally, aim to attract tech-hungry customers. They feature newly configured displays highlighting in-demand brands, store fixtures that enable shoppers to find and compare products, touchscreens and apps that help shoppers understand the products, and a “Texpert” staff. Over the next several weeks, RadioShack plans to open a variety of different store configuration prototypes in the New York area, as well as in New Jersey and Texas. The configurations will be customized based on locations, local buying patterns and neighborhood needs. Observation of the newly configured stores’ performance will serve as the foundation for future retrofits and remodeling of many of RadioShack's 4,300 stores throughout the United States.