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California Store Named Collegiate Retailer of the Year
May 08, 2013

The NACS Foundation, a subsidiary of Oberlin, Ohio-based National Association of College Stores (NACS), recently named its 2013 Collegiate Retailer of the Year. This year, The Forty-Niner Shops Bookstore at California State University in Long Beach took home the award. The award recognizes a college store that demonstrates the highest level of collegiate retailing excellence. The judging was based on six criteria: campus connection, academic support, customer commitment, shopping experience, workplace culture and profitability. The Forty-Niner Shops Bookstore stood out from the competition with its rental program that includes 64 percent of its 4,500 titles. The store also has worked with the city of Long Beach on a green-bag initiative to eliminate plastic bags and shows commitment to its student workers, providing them in-depth training and scholarships.