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Brentano Releases 2013 Color Forecast
January 24, 2013

Brentano Design Studio has released its 2013 color forecast, pinpointing six colors that will shape interior design in 2013. For its fourth annual color forecast, the company selected Graphite and Linen, two complex neutrals that were first forecast for 2012, to carry through into 2013. Brentano also predicts that Marine from 2012 will intensify into a rich Sapphire in 2013, and will be joined by Periwinkle. Two new vibrant hues, Raspberry and Saffron, also will pop up in 2013. “We look at what colors are selling for us, and that analysis reveals some trends,” said Iris Wang, design director for Brentano. “Then, there are trends in fashion, car colors, packaging colors and special requests from designers; I use all of these indicators as a reconfirmation of what I foresee for interiors.”